We believe in great ideas.
And beautiful design.

We are passionate about working with our clients to ensure that
not only does your brand reflect what your business really is,
but that your customers connect with you in a more meaningful way.



Logos, stationery, packaging, signage - these are just some of the clothing that your brand wears.

Create a beautiful and memorable expression that is consistent across every interaction you have with your clients.

Old School. Done beautifully.



How you communicate is as important as what you communicate. Making sure that you have the right tone of voice that fits with your brand personality.

Are you cheeky and irreverent?
Or serious and trustworthy?

Be it online, in print or in person, we help you find your voice.

Konduko User Interface


As more and more people seek their information online, it is vital that you ensure that your online presence truly represents your brand. 

Social media. Websites.
Online marketing. E-Commerce.
UX Design.

All things digital.


Scroll down to view examples of our work.

Lead Agency.


Piksel people create and manage OTT video monetisation solutions for some of the world's leading media brands. Headquartered in New York City, Piksel offices can be found throughout Europe and the Americas, serving more than 1600 clients in over 50 countries.

We work closely with the Piksel team across all of their offices to develop powerful and compelling campaigns, exciting and informative collateral, and a full range of communication solutions - bringing beautiful brand work together with communications that frequently have to outline very complicated and technical solutions.


It’s not just beautiful design and fast turnaround we get from Yellow Brick Road (two things we value VERY highly, incidentally), but meticulous attention to detail. There’s never a pixel out of place. For a company called Piksel, this is critical to us.
— Natasha Roberton, Global Vice President of Brand and Communications

Design. Marketing. Social Media.


Daylesford Hotel is one of the Daylesford's oldest most established hotels. Rebuilt in 1913, the hotel recently underwent a complete restoration and refurbishment by publicans, Graham Bamford and Anne-Marie Banting. The hotel now offers a truly classic Aussie pub menu, many areas to relax, dine or simply enjoy a beer, elegant and traditional pub-style accommodation along with regular live music.

We have been working closely with Daylesford Hotel to establish their
presence and voice on social media and then slowly develop their
collateral and website so it all comes together cohesively and matches the
great feeling you get when you step through their doors. 

The building has always been an icon in Country Victoria's busiest tourist town. The business is now an icon as a great pub to stay, play and eat.



Brand Development. Design. Packaging.


The Jonas Family are ethicurean farmers raising pastured rare-breed Large Black pigs, Lowline and Murray Grey cattle on the side of a volcano just outside of Daylesford, Victoria on a beautiful property known as Jonai Farms. Their happy pigs are fed on a diet of GMO-free grains from the region, including spent brewers’ grain from Holgate Brewery in Woodend plus any surplus local potatoes, fruits & nuts. Their cattle are 100% pasture raised but also enjoy brewers’ grain when the pigs don’t hog it all. They butcher and sell their ethical meat at the farmgate and will soon be producing their own range of salami and cured meats as a result of crowd-funding their new salami room. 

Jonais Farms was an established business and brand without having done any work on logo design. We helped take their existing brand equity, along with their dedication to an artisan approach to life and created a beautiful new look and feel. 


Design. Identity. Website


Kerrie Stanley is one of Australia's leading milliners. She had an established brand however her visual identity no longer matched what this brand was. We worked closely with Kerrie to develop a new modern logo, stationery, advertising collateral and an e-commerce website.

We are excited to be working with Kerrie as she grows her business further in 2015 when she launches some new projects including the brand development of a new diffusion range an expansion of her existing Designer Hat Hire business.


Kerrie Stanley ManipFinal(189 of 206).jpg
Yellow Brick Road Agency successfully captured my brand, which would not be an easy feat as there are many facets to it, with my new logo, website and business cards being absolute winners! They offer continuing support without hesitation and are very patient with my non-techy self! I’m looking forward to building my empire with their creative genius beside me.
— Kerrie Stanley - Milliner

Lead Agency


A business within Piksel, Piksel Faith works directly with the Faith industry in America and across the globe. Providing solutions for ministries to extend their communications beyond the four walls of a traditional brick and mortar church, Piksel Faith are now world leaders in creating Digital Church™ technology for their clients.

We have assisted Piksel Faith to develop their own beautiful brand. One that steers clear of cheesy messages with overtly religious stereotypes. We have developed a brand that speaks to the new digital audience of ministries and the faith industry.  


I’ve worked with quite a few design agencies, and Yellow Brick Road is by far the best. Sarah intrinsically understands the requirements for a given project, and works tirelessly to achieve the right look and the right feel. On top of it all, she is a treat to work with.
— Alyssa Ideboen, OVP Marketing Manager, Piksel