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Loved dearly by visitors to the region, Lost has always been the go-to guide for what’s on, what to do and where to find what a visitor most wants.

Lost showcases all the region has to offer including those things that are hard to find, so that every visitor to the region finds the best places to eat, drink, relax, indulge and explore.

In September 2017, we undertook a radical transformation of Lost Magazine. We acknowledged that it was a much-loved monthly publication and advertisers were getting great results. But its small format meant that it was losing relevance to readers as only small snippets of information could be conveyed rather than considered editorial.

We increased the size to A5 and completely redesigned the book. Printed on thick, uncoated stock, the magazine now carries 5 long-form stories every month along with the popular 5 Reasons To Visit, monthly recipes and cocktails, markets and the business directory - Guide to Where to Find It. Richard Cornish was brought on as Editor At Large. It relaunched in September 2017. Distribution increased to 8000 magazines per month and a new website was built and launched.

Since then, the readership has grown from 4000 to over 20,000 per month; social media followers are now nearly 5,000 from a paltry 280 followers, 6,5000 unique website visitors every month and the most recent readership survey found that over 84% of readers had visited a restaurant, cafe, business or venue as a direct result of reading about it or seeing an advertisement.

In July 2019, we successfully sold the magazine to new owners. Great result!


Lost Magazine has proven itself time and time again
to be the number 1 printed source of customer leads
for our business. We know this because we ask each
and every customer how they discovered our store, and
their response is a resounding, “I saw your ad in Lost
Magazine”. As a small business owner, we often ask
ourselves, “can I afford to advertise in Lost?” I think we
have this wrong. “You can’t afford NOT to advertise in
Lost”. Lost Magazine delivers.
— Portal 108, Hepburn Springs. Lost Advertiser