Lead Agency

A business within Piksel, Piksel Faith works directly with the Faith industry in America and across the globe. Providing solutions for ministries to extend their communications beyond the four walls of a traditional brick and mortar church, Piksel Faith are now world leaders in creating Digital Church™ technology for their clients.

We have assisted Piksel Faith to develop their own beautiful brand. One that steers clear of cheesy messages with overtly religious stereotypes. We have developed a brand that speaks to the new digital audience of ministries and the faith industry.  


I’ve worked with quite a few design agencies, and Yellow Brick Road is by far the best. Sarah intrinsically understands the requirements for a given project, and works tirelessly to achieve the right look and the right feel. On top of it all, she is a treat to work with.
— Alyssa Ideboen, OVP Marketing Manager, Piksel Faith