We believe in great ideas.
And beautiful design.

We are passionate about working with our clients to ensure that
not only does your brand reflect what your business really is,
but that your customers connect with you in a more meaningful way.



Logos, stationery, packaging, signage - these are just some of the clothing that your brand wears.

Create a beautiful and memorable expression that is consistent across every interaction you have with your clients.

Old School. Done beautifully.



How you communicate is as important as what you communicate. Making sure that you have the right tone of voice that fits with your brand personality.

Are you cheeky and irreverent?
Or serious and trustworthy?

Be it online, in print or in person, we help you find your voice.

Konduko User Interface


As more and more people seek their information online, it is vital that you ensure that your online presence truly represents your brand. 

Social media. Websites.
Online marketing. E-Commerce.
UX Design.

All things digital.


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